Case Study:

Case Study:
Visual Navigation

Case Study:
Visual Navigation

Case Study:
Visual Navigation


Senior Product Designer (Lead)


Product Manager, Backend Eng, Frontend Eng, Comm Ops Director, Myself


~2 weeks




Engagement with the menu navigation was very low. Bath & Body Works’ customers needed an easier way to navigate categories and products to support product findability, discoverability, and conversion.

Success Criteria

Increase in page visits.

Increase in conversion.

Decrease in site maintenance.


Video displaying the visual navigation in action.

Why it Works

Exposed Categories

Exposing categories by default benefits users as it allows them to quickly understand the scope and content of the product catalog. Before, categories were buried in the navigation menu, so finding & discovering product or categories was a laborious task (especially on mobile).


Pictures allow customers to quickly scan categories to find what they’re looking for or discover something new. Pictures are superior over words when it comes to recalling and recognizing information.

Simple Interaction

Interaction with the navigation is straightforward. It is horizontally scrollable, and the cards are tappable. Overall, the interaction cost is low, so customers can focus on shopping, and not worry about navigation.

Operational Efficiencies

The final implementation was self-serviceable and automated, so no development setup was required. This increased operational efficiencies and empowered executional teammates.

Impact 📈

Conversion rate increased 7%.

Page views increased 5%.

Operational efficiency increased.


Reach out to Nathan for handoff examples that display the level of detail that handoffs hold for engineering. Specifications include anatomy, instances, content guidelines, behavior, interactions, and logic.

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